My Koosh Kream Experience by Gugulethu Mahlangu

Koosh Kream Review

By Gugulethu Mahlangu.

Q: How long have you been using this cream?
A: about two months.

Queen Sheeba had me at her intentional branding, ‘made in Alkebulan’. .. this product celebrates African beauty and definition. Everything about the glass cube-like container spoke to me. The branding, the affordability for quality.

When you read the bottle it’s HEEEEEY clean NATURAL ingredients, you had me at “ORGANIC” for my skin. Like…. you care about my skin.

And… excuse me? What? It’s FRAGRANCE FREE? Do you even know how hard it is to find a body lotion that’s fragrance free which works?

Well done sis!!!!🥇

I’m the type of person who never put much thought into the skin anywhere other than my face. That is, until I got introduced to Koosh Kream. Now the game has changed. Koosh Kream is for my face, my body and, wait for it… My hair 😍. My entire semi dry, sensitive skin has finally been catered for. I have tried all sorts of lotions out there, from natural creams and oils. I didn’t love anything enough to use intentionally, every day.

This is truly the dream body lotion. The ingredients are clean and thoughtful and the product itself is a joy to use. It glides on and rubs in effortlessly, without leaving any sticky or greasy residue. The best part is that it feels like it makes a difference in my skin. It’s not the type of moisturizer that leaves you still feeling dry after you wash it off. My skin looks and feels like it’s improving with regular use.

I have dry hair. It’s the saddest thing. I use Koosh Kream as a conditioner and a moisturizer after wash day. It’s love for my hair, my hair has moisture and detangles easier because of this cream. I would recommend women use this for dry hair, you can thank me later.

Critique: I loved this product during the cold or windy weather or when I’m wearing the bare minimum. I have semi dry skin, so my skin doesn’t lose moisture quickly. The cream is a lady of thickness and goodness and you might find it feel like a layer or seal on your body on a hot summers day. Which can make you feel hot and bothered. But I guess that speaks on how rich and creamy it is. 🙂

8/10 would recommend to everyone.

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