Curing The Incurable

I was a few months away from turning 30 and I was now officially heading towards being a full blown diabetic, and according to what I was told by the world of medical science and the media, I was now starting to suffer from a disease that I would have to face the rest of my life with as its known to be incurable. For as long as I have been exposed to information about diabetes, I was told that it was incurable, which meant that I would live my whole life depending on drugs while tip toeing slowly but surely towards an early grave. The thought of having to live my life on insulin and injections completely left me scared for my life. I found out while doing my research that According to News24 diabetes affects a greater majority of the South African public with many suffering undiagnosed, which made perfect sense why I also developed it because the eating habits that produce diabetes are common everyday eating habits that many of us are engaged in, in our homes and communities. According to Stats Sa diabetes is now rates the second killer in South Africa behind tuberculosis, however it is the number one killer of South African women.

The idea of living with an incurable disease for the rest of my life was scary enough to inspire me start looking into and researching wherever I could to find the solutions I was now in desperate need of, I could not imagine being impotent for the rest of my life and completely losing my libido, I could not imagine living with a health issue that would rob me of my ability to be a full man in every aspect of my life, with a functional manhood and a healthy sex life. I knew that I wanted a family and I could not live on without one day having children I can call my own. I could not fathom how my life would be if I had to now live my life on injections and frequent hospital visits. The image alone left me feeling empty and somehow doomed. I wanted a clear mind and a sound body, an energetic life full of possibilities and this diagnosis was threatening me over everything I was hopeful of one day having, a good family and a healthy body to take care of me for the rest of my life until i become old.

Just as anyone would in this 21st century I went online to study exactly what diabetes is and to find solutions for this problem I had now come across, and luckily for me I bumped into giants of the holistic heath industry and I became a student of their teaching. I found that all the symptoms I was suffering from were all consistent with diabetes, first it was the feeling of always being tired, then memory loss and fogginess of thought, and the one that really mad me jump and start seeking solutions was when my libido went down. As any person would do when disease comes upon us, there was a sense of denial from me and I didn’t want to accept the changes that were happening inside of my body, I was also not sure whether I really was suffering from something or if it was just the job I was doing taking a toll over my life. I could rationalize the other symptoms, but once my sex drive went down, I said to myself that there is no way I would accept not being able to be functional they way I desire to be especially because during this time, I was on my personal development journey and I was running my marathons almost everyday, reading and meditating and was doing whatever I could to make sure I eliminate failure and make clear the path of success. It is because I was adamant to succeed in life that I got a huge shock when I realized that although I had been doing a lot right, I had left out a great aspect of success which was the physical body. I was under the impression that everything I was eating was good for me and that it had protein and vitamins in it, the food was supposed to be nourishing me but in actual sense it was slowing me down. I had not once considered that the many ingredients on the side of the package, the cheese, yogurt, eggs and meat would have everything to do with me developing a disease that is the number one killer in South Africa right now behind tuberculosis.

I consider myself lucky because I was able to learn how to heal myself from ailments and disease that has taken the lives of many people. I became a student of diabetes, I was determined to find out what it is, what causes it and if there are natural ways to reverse what are they and how could I immediately start taking steps to do that. One video let me to another, an article to the next and a teacher to another, until I finally landed onto Dr Sebi who taught me about the acid-Alkaline diet, and after paying careful attention to him, his story and his ideas on the true cause of disease. I became a disciple of his a from that day on, I applied his methods, and teaching as they sounded sensible and logical, and three weeks later of being a student, I was able to emerge with all my health issues gone.

What I do not appreciate about these so called incurables is that one sort of ignorantly accept, that this is how things are and live with it. Many people believe very easily what the medical industry tells them about diabetes and they accept that they have something that is killing them gradually and that they have no power at all to stop nor reverse it. When the medical industry tells people that they have an incurable disease, it morally breaks some people and automatically creates an impression in the minds of those people that they are helplessly dying and they should live their lives now while they still can because they are going to eventually feel that feeling of death slowly creep in to claim them. It is wrong fro the medical industry to tell people that some disease are incurable when it is not a fact.

Dr Sebi saved my life and that’s a fact, it was his videos and knowledge that when I sat at his feet to listen to, I was able to apply and heal myself. Three weeks of applying Dr Sebi’s methods, of nothing but alkaline foods and liquids, I was able to heal and reverse all my diabetic symptoms. Oh yes of course there was no magic, it took me getting so angry at the food and media industry that I literally threw away my meat and all the other packaged and preserved food. I hated the fact that I had been obedient all my life to these so called experts, I believed them when they spoke about protein, enzymes and their vitamins. All it took for me to completely heal myself of this disease, I had to completely divorce all western thinking and apply knowledge and understanding of nature which Dr Sebi broke down very well. Dr Sebi made me realize that there’s a social program going on to get people to eat what wasn’t meant for their genetic make and all he did was made me realize my role within nature and the diet that is consistent with my make, just as there is a specific eating habit for all other animals.

What the medical industry called chronic turned out to be nothing but a natural condition brought upon by acid food that I was consuming for almost 30 years of my life. It tuns out that all I had to do was stop consuming the junk, processed food and start consuming from the alkaline food list which contained of nothing but fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts and legumes. Dr Sebi made me realize that what I had been told was good for me was exactly what was making me sick and all I had to do was give it up, clean the body with teas and enrich it with minerals by taking green teas and smoothies, and I would be able to heal myself of whatever problem that exists be it diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc…

Incurable disease, do they really exist? Logic tells me that they don’t because the body is naturally designed to heal itself as soon as we create the right environment, and many people who have been diagnosed with so called incurables wouldn’t have been able to heal themselves too and trust me when I say this, there are plenty of people who have reversed some of the most severe ailments and disease.

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  1. Beautifully written article.

    I hope this will encourage and inspire others to heal themselves from this so called incurable disease.

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