Dr Sebi saved my life

He kept on saying “I’m that little boy who never went to school, and that’s what kept me pure”and I was thinking “but he makes a lot of sense!.” I asked myself “How is it possible that a so called uneducated man such as this Dr Sebi, is the one who found the solution to the disease that plagued many across the world and despite the fact that he didn’t meet society’s standards of elite thinkers?”What I found to be even more intriguing was the fact that he proved that he indeed cured Aids and even had substantial evidence in to prove his case in court when he was prosecuted after placing an advertisement in three very big news papers companies in New York. What I found to be even more amazing about his story was that he won the court judgement proving to the legal system  that what he did, was a fact. A minute after the thousand and one thoughts that rushed my head subsided, I then asked myself another question, “Since it’s a fact that this man Dr Sebi has cured AIDS many times, why is his story not in the media and all over the radio and television? and my question made me realize exactly why I had never heard of this brilliant man until the day the events of my life led me down a path that would eventually require that I know about him through my research. I was glued to his videos and I listened to this man like I was a little child. I too needed to heal my body, I needed to heal what they call diabetes. I was heading towards being a full blown diabetic and my body was already beginning to fail me, and I needed solutions fast.

Dr Sebi made me realize what is fundamentally wrong with the medical industry, and through his teachings I came to the awareness that in fact the media controls the narrative on the mainstream media, and there’s very little said about natural, herbalist or holistic healing modalities, and even if there are available and people find them, there are two factors that interrupt one’s chain of thought and make it hard to believe other alternatives outside of medical science. Number one is the issue of education and recognition, this idea that someone has to be certified in order to be able to know how to heal is right at the heart of what controls our thinking in as far as someone being trained professionally to be able to heal someone. the other issue is that from childhood we are trained through the media to believe that medical doctors are the supreme healers and holders of true knowledge. Every article I could find online was about how I was faced with an incurable as they name them, I was facing the possibility of living on insulin and never being able to live in a healthy normal body ever again.

If I wasn’t so strong willed, I believe I would have not had the courage to believe in something different from medical science and the media, and what saved me was this ability to trust my own independent judgement after listening to tons of lectures on the cause of disease and having read hundreds of articles online and spoken to people in the healing profession. I honestly did not have much to go on except the fact that I felt the need to trust Dr Sebi because he was very logical and his solution was very simple and made a lot of sense. I believed that through his African view of the ultimate cause of disease and how to heal it, I too as an African male can find healing and a cure to my problems by simply applying the dictates of what nature has set out for us from the beginning. Dr Sebi made me realize that healing is something I could do myself if I took my time and studied the acid and alkaline levels of my food and body. He taught me to understand how we are able to assess whether something is promoting health and vitality in my body or if it’s slowing me down and making me sick. I became aware that it was nothing but the eating habits I was engaged in that I picked up from my parents, environment, and television from the time I was a little baby that brought disease into my body, and that was the reason why I eventually got sick.  here is what I began to think , that even when my mother was feeding me this stuff, she was also under the impression that she was feeding her child healthy food , just like the many mothers today who still feed their children these highly processed junk. Truth is, the lies and deception we have been brainwashed to believe in over what real food is and what is causing all of our health issues.

Many people get sucked into the lies created by the media and the medical industry because they see no other solution and only a few are aware of natural healing and most are reluctant to take that route and in most cases those that go the natural way sooner, get well. I have come to the awareness that the body is designed to heal itself, as soon as we stop eating the highly acidic food which interrupt the normal function of the body. It only made sense that my body begin to break down, after thirty years of consuming dairy, meat, canned food, packaged food, preserved and fast food my body could not handle the level of toxicity that had build up inside of me, It did not matter how much I was running, doing yoga or meditating, and no amount of prayer was going to reduce my toxic levels. I had a lot of mucus in my throat, and I remember how I used clear the back of my throat heavily during some of my presentations because that mucus was heavily backed up.

This is the part where I realized that many people find themselves at some point or another, and to me Steve jobs is  one of those seen as super successful in the world of business but failed in taking good care of himself , his health in particular. My evolution and growth has led me to believe that we cannot neglect all the components of what makes us who we truly are, I have become aware that one has to embrace every part of what makes up who we call I. Although I was taking care of myself mentally, through reading the right books, listening to the right audios and watching the right videos, my mind began functioning in a way that helped me produce the better version of myself, I was also free of my emotional bondage to hurts of the past and anxiety of the future. I had also cleaned my slate and forgiven anyone and everyone who had ever wronged me, I was starting to have a great deal of balance in my emotions and on the part of my spirituality, I have no doubt that I had found my purpose and was living it. However, no amount of filling these other cups was ever going to overflow into the physical aspect of me, which I cannot say I had neglected completely because I was running daily and doing yoga, but I was not fully aware that my eating habits would eventually lead to develop diabetes.

I have heard that many people die from diabetes, many have had their legs cut off and many have also suffered the ordeal of taking synthetic chemicals to “live a normal life.” Many people have suffered and continue to suffer to this day and yet somehow I am living sound and healthy. I am part of the small percentage of people who choose to go the opposite direction, and somehow through our arrogance we learn to trust our own judgement and that becomes our saving grace.. I needed healing and I went in search of a healer, and by learning for myself what true health is, I was able to heal myself. I thank Dr Sebi, for having the boldness to do what he did, he chose to go against the narrative of the herd, because he knew that he was right. When judgement day came, he was ready for it and he was able to prove to any doubters that he is a man of integrity, that he didn’t just profess things without backing himself up. I trusted him and in the end after applying my own mind to his teachings, I was able to see that I made the right decision. Knowledge is power but of course applied knowledge is even more powerful, but what I find to be even more powerful is the right knowledge. I used to respect knowledge until i realized that you can learn the wrong thing. The right knowledge is like fresh spring at the end of a dry day without water, it nourishes you, renews you and gives you energy.

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  1. Thank for the info and educative as well in how to take care of our bodies by eating right, We don’t have to eat less but we just have to eat right. Thank you.

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